Blog beginning – goals & tools

I have begun a two-year, half-time leave (sabbatical) to pursue web use with 1st year Physics labs. I also believe this really extends, in large part, to all science labs.  Major components of my pursuits include:
– gathering information on how other university and colleges conduct their Physics labs
– building a website supporting 1st year Physics labs
– opening dialogs with lab people involved in first year labs

It is with great hesitancy I begin this blog to follow my progress and cumulate information of Science Labs Online (SLO). Words do not come easy for me (I feel like English is my second language, I have no first 🙂 ). I hope what I learn will be of value to others.

In addition to this WordPress blog, Office 365 with SharePoint is used as the main repository of information related to SLO Dev. It is a high-end service with access limited to authenticated users. It has facilities for 50 guest IDs. We (Physics at Capilano University) also use the SharePoint secure shared storage for our Physics labs.

SLO software work targets web server-side development using with SQL server. In general, all Microsoft tools and technologies are being used in hope for easier integration. Under construction is a web-based lab management system.


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