Development progress update

The SLO web grading component is now being actively used with the Capilano Physics labs. It completed the fall 2012 semester maintaining lab grades with final lab grade reports to the course instructors. Features include sessions, custom bonus/penalty, grade groups, secure site access.

I’ve now been working on the SLO resources component, used to host information (such as links, files and web pages). Resources will host institution/department information as well as lab specific information such as lab manual, scripts and supporting resources.

My initial thought of using Office 365 for holding information related to SLO Dev has been super-seeded by the idea of holding everything within the main SLO site using custom coding.  This is a rather large undertaking but, if successful, will in the long run be much more versatile. All information I’ve been cumulating of BC colleges/university Physics labs will ultimately be accessible through the main SLO site.

Currently all interfaces to SLO web are through admin rights. Instructor access is intended to be coded this summer, after which the site could be used be other institutions.

I’m also now putting up my SLO overview and the general SLO structure. I intent to update these periodically to match what is being done behind the scene.

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