Game Changer – DNN

I was searching for component options to integrate into SLO (wiki, blog, forum) when I realized I could build SLO to integrate into an existing framework with those components. This led to searching web content management systems which led to the DotNetNuke (DNN) platform. I am now pursuing rebuilding SLO as DNN modules.

DNN Software
– Oversees DotNetNuke including free open source community edition and commercial Evoq versions. Many extensions (modules) are hosted at Community support videos, tutorials, wiki, forums are also freely available. There are substantial number of broken links which appear to be from DNN Software taking over (but materials of broken links can be found through searches).
– Contains the open source development (also mirrored at DNN Software)

I am now targeting the latest DotNetNuke release version 7 which requires DotNet4.
Also used is Win7 with IIS7, SQL Server Express 2008 (along with SQL Server Management Studio) and programing under Visual Studio 2012.

Web Hosting
My current web hosting service (Pacific Online) does not support DotNet4, has no experience with DotNetNuke and seems expensive (~$40/month). With considerable searches, I’ve narrowed options for moving to
– Arvixe  ~$5/month  (discount coupons online, try “Clue30”)
Frontpage is not supported (old tech no longer part of Windows), found I could use FTP. With Expression Web, prefix with FTP:// (such as FTP:// would work.
FileZilla worked really well (and fast) for moving sites.
– Power DNN  $20/month, high end cloud service

Notes on setting up the DNN local web

  • Ensure installed is IIS7, SQL Server Express 2008, DotNet4, Visual Studio 2012
  • Download/Copy all files from current install version of DNN7 to a new directory under inetpub\wwwroot
  • setting up website In IIS Manager
    • under Application Pools, check that DefaultAppPool is running under DotNet4
    • point Default Web Site/Basic Settings/Physical path  to DNN7 directory
    • convert directory to an application
    • edit permissions (security) of web directory to add
      • Network Service and add modify rights
      • IIS AppPool\DefaultAppPool and add modify rights
    • add a binding  (allows development for different sites  eg xxx=slo)
      • nb. doing this after DNN is configured requires Portal Alias table update
  • Alternate approach to adding DNN website
    • from IIS Manager Sites, Add Web Site
      • Site name: DNNDev
      • Application pool: DefaultAppPool
      • Physical Path: to DNN7 directory
      • Binding Host:
        • allows development for different sites  (xxx=slo)
        • nb. doing this after DNN is configured requires Portal Alias table update
    • add binding http port 80 with no host name will make it the default site
      • Note other default site needs to be stopped
  • Add loop back to
    • run notepad as administrator
    • open the file C:\Windows\System32\drivers\etc\hosts  (nb. set filter to *.*)
    • add the line:
    • also include:        localhost
    • save file
    • dns flush (so computer recognizes change)
      • – open Command Prompt window
      • – IPConfig /flushdns
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