SLODNN One Year Later

It has been a year since I undertook moving my SLO development to the DotNetNuke (DNN) platform. I now have a working SLODNN version. The port took a long time as DNN works substantially different from a standalone server-side application. Of note:

– All pages are coded as custom user controls. DNN renders through only a couple of aspx pages that dynamically load ascx controls as needed.

– My complex SLO data layer was replaced by simple DAL2 coding.

– BLL layer classes replaced by controller classes associated with the DAL2 classes

– Users and permissions implemented by DNN (replacing my coding)

– Separated Cap specific code into a separate module

I’m now back to where I was a year ago but with additional benefits of DNN:

– SLO updates easily handled through DNN module interface

– Using existing free DNN modules for Forum, Blog, Wiki

– Robust user/permission system

Next up is:

– a year of using SLODNN live with our labs to catch coding bugs

– integrating a high-end file management component into SLO

– adding data of science labs from BC post secondary schools

I’m also thinking of using GitHub or Bitbucket to distribute SLO and using the “software as a service” model for other SLODNN implementations

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