SLO Overview

Website application supporting teaching science labs at post-secondary institutions
– SLO is a lab management system provided as a web service to host, share and deliver instructional science labs from a website. The website design parallels activities of running a first year science lab
– SLO provides a lab supporting interface for delivery of labs using a role based view. For instance, students might see the lab schedule, lab scripts and supporting web materials such as simulations and web references while an instructor has an administrative view.

SLO features

  • hosting options for lab scripts
    – wiki technology for building simple, versatile labs
    – document file support for most common formats
    – link reference to labs hosted elsewhere
    – browse-able web lab scripts
  • data driven website
    – secure business web coding with high performance SQL server database
    – reliable, secure web sever
  • sharing
    – simple rights management for sharing by creative commons or your own custom wording
    – build lab sessions from your own base labs or from other shared resources
  • web presence for instructional labs
    – your course online branded as the institution or your own version
    – build under a discipline: Phys, Chem, Bio
    – build your own online lab manual
    – use a secure online lab grade book
  • repository of labs ready for instructional use or edit your own customized version
    – define lab goals from common lists or your own
    – categorize lab type as supervised classroom, unsupervised kit, remote control
    – resource links to external web labs
  • access control
    – access to your course site is completely under your control. Set web pages to be freely accessed by your students or require a password or set individual student ID/passwords.
    – allow or prevent public access.
    – role based view for admin, instructor, student and public
  • collaboration
    – work, develop, observe with others involved with labs
    – involve all your lab personnel;  admin, tech, instruct, general interest
    – portal to collaboration supporting discipline specific development (Phys, Chem, Bio)
    – repository of links to other institution labs, web resources for labs, lab suppliers
  • Versatile
    – Use this site for as little as a web lab manual to a single experiment or for as much as a complete lab course management system. Your student lists, grades, courses, resources can all be managed through this secure site.

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